Single life is better than married life

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Single life is better than married life

Thanks for commenting Laura. Ron Catalano Jackie, I thank you for a wonderful article. You must be a special person, as I am sure your wife is too.

I am thankful you found the right person to complete you, and I hope that both of you put God in the center of your lives. Pray together, worship together, and you will always stay together. I wish both of you a very Merry Christmas. Good advice and I really appreciate it.

I moved on to marry another man who slept with my employees.

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Thanks for sharing, Mary. I pray that god will touch your heart at some point, and you will find the man that can give you type of love that is spoken of in the 11 things that Jackie wrote about. Just let go of the hurt, open your heart, and see what God can do for you.

Merry Christmas to you. Thanks for contributing your story and comments. I could spend an hour telling you about what happened to my married female coworkers. And let me add that my father cheated on my mother throughout their whole marriage.

As a psychologist put it recently…. Sexual pressures on men can overwhelm us. Ron, you have less to fear for your future. Women, on the other hand make a grand mistake by trusting in any man. Sorry if that insults you. Thanks for your comment….

Ron Catalano Laura, I appreciate you sharing your story as well, and I can understand why you have the attitude that you have, considering what you have experienced.

Married life is not for everybody, and it takes a lot of work on the part of everyone involved, from husband and wife to the in laws, and if blended children are involved, that brings on its own set of challenges.

However, I truly do believe that God did not intend for man or woman to live alone. My prayer for you will just be for you to soften your heart to the possibility that you have just not met the one true love that is out there for you.

Maybe you will never actively search for that person, but just allow yourself to be receptive to what God has planned for you. It may be that there is a man that has gone through a terrible experience also, and you and he could just be perfect for each other.

Only God knows for sure. I wish for you a happy productive life in service to God, whatever path you choose to walk down. Please know that I am not speaking to you as an authority on marriage, but as a Christian and a sinner who is just rying to make it here until God calls me home.

I have been hurt quite a lot in life myself, but I still look forward to the day That god puts a Godly Christian woman in my path.Women: Single and Loving It.

Single life is better than married life

Are women better off alone? that married people are happier and healthier than single women. many women turned to traditional married life because financially.

Truth be told, married people are more likely to earn more than singles. Aside from the fact that married people have less tax to pay, they have a higher motivation to get better jobs than single people because they have their own families to raise and provide for. Aug 13,  · Being single allows people to “live their best, most authentic and most meaningful life” and the idea of wedded bliss is largely a myth, a psychologist has claimed.

But how do these two different paths of life compare when it comes to health risks and benefits? “But it’s not that every marriage is better than none. The quality of marriage is really important.” it's not necessarily what you have but rather what you do with it.

Whether single or married, it's important to focus on the quality. May 26,  · While it is abundantly clear that a consecrated (and celibate) life is superior in that it offers a better and easier avenue for communion with God, that does not mean that celibate people are better than married ones or are loved more by Patrick Madrid.

Aug 29,  · How your married life will be depends heavily on how your single life is. No one should ever get married to "improve" their lives.

You should bring one, complete and happy individual to the table just like your future husband should. Happy people make happy Resolved.

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