Snow day essay

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Snow day essay

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Best Essay Entry - Snow Day 6: To my surprise, the other day I received the Best Essays book in the mail, along with a letter saying my essay had been published.

The essays published will be used for examples in classes, and other such things. It is one of the two descriptive essays featured, and so that my family may read it, I am now posting it here.

The descriptions appeal to the senses of sight, sound, and touch. The room is strangely quiet as I slip out of bed and look out the window. I see the world covered in a sea of white snow. I hurry to get dressed and start for the back door.

Today I will walk through my snow-covered yard. I stop at the door, silently watching the snow fall.

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The tiny ice crystals drift peacefully down from the sky, covering the world in white. The door creaks as I open it, and I carefully step onto the back porch so as not to slip and fall.

I now have a full view of my backyard, a wintry paradise covered in snow. As I walk down the steps and to the sidewalk, the squeaking of the wooden steps combines with the crunch of the snow under my feet like two instruments in an orchestra, performing in the sweet silence all around me.

The white, cottony powder covers the branches of the trees. As I walk down the sidewalk, I see the car resting under a thick layer of snow. The dogs run to meet me, leaving trails of paw prints in the snow. I continue to the driveway and scrape some snow off of the car window, looking inside. The powder chills my hand, so I put my hand inside my pocket to warm it.

The snow begins to fall harder. I wander around the car, crunching the snow under my feet.

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I hear birds chirping, and walk to the bird feeder, where several small birds are hopping around on the ground. The snow is peppered with tiny holes where seeds have fallen from the bird feeder.

The birds fly away as I approach. I continue walking and scoop some snow from the ground into my hand. After shaping the snow into a rough sphere, I throw it at a tree trunk.It looks like it is going to snow this coming weekend and I’ll be hoping for a snow day.

Whenever I call the University’s Snow Line and I hear those magical words, “The University is closed today,” I start dancing around the kitchen with my dogs yelling, “Snow Day!Snow Day!”. Essay Snow White And The Huntsman.

Snow White and the Huntsman Word Count: Griffin Bambach Snow White and the Huntsman starts out with Kristen Stewart who plays the only person in the land fairer than the evil queen, her name, Snow White. The essay to the left is entitled "Snow Day," and was written by humorist David Sedaris.

It is a narrative essay, so by definition, it is light on reflection. What I want you to take away from this essay is how he uses a simple premise, a snow day, to dig into a deeper, more traumatic event--his mother's alcoholism.

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A child wakes up at 6 A.M. a normal December school day.

Snow day essay

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