Why studying history is crucial for the survival of our race

What Is a Civilization, Anyway?

Why studying history is crucial for the survival of our race

To illustrate this fact, consider these numbers: To say we rely on the pollination efforts of bees and other animals to sustain our modern food system is an understatement. Different Types of Bees Worldwide, there are around 25, different types of bee species around 4, in the U.

This huge number is divided into over 4, genera of bees, which are then further subdivided into just nine families of bees. The Apidae family is perhaps the most well known family, with familiar members such as the honeybee, carpenter bee, and bumblebee.

All of these species dutifully serve as pollinators of our agricultural world. And they are all excellent at what they do. For example, all bees have stiff hairs and pockets on their legsallowing them to collect more pollen and be more efficient transporters of it between plants.

Not only that, bumblebees appear to be even more successful at pollinating certain crops due to their larger sizes and more vigorous vibrations. This helps to better disperse pollen amongst the flowers and fruits it visits. Simply put, it is the transfer of pollen from the male part of the flower, the anther, to the stigma, which is the female part of the flower.

Some plants rely on animals to assist with their pollination process, while others can pollinate themselves or rely on the wind to do it for them. Bees also tend to focus their energies on one species of plant at a time.

By visiting the same flowers of a particular species in one outing, much higher quality pollination occurs — rather than spreading many different pollens to different plants which are not being pollinated, all plants of one species are getting an even distribution of vital pollen from others of its same species.

Pollination is essentially plant reproduction. Honey is a food product created by bees and is not to be forgotten. By keeping flowers pollinated, bees perpetuate floral growth and provide attractive habitats for other animals such as insects and birds.

Bees are easily amongst the most important insects to humans on Earth. These humble, buzzing bugs deserve a huge thanks — for helping provide us with our favorite fruits and vegetables, their delicious honey, and beautiful, flowery gardens!

Sign up for our newsletter below! And the impact of this loss demonstrates the importance of working to protect the remaining orcas. How to Make Informed Decisions We recently traveled to a remote part of the Hudson Bay in northeastern Canada to watch wild polar bears.

These animals are iconic, rare, and getting rarer all the time, and to see them moving about freely in their native habitat was profoundly moving.

The organization was able to humanely trap seven of the dogs within a couple of days and immediately brought them to the veterinarian for much-needed treatment.Studying history is important because it allows us to understand our past, which in turn allows us to understand our present. If we want to know how and why our world is the way it is today, we.

Vernellia R. Randall. Why disaggregate health and health care data based on race? Because Race Matters. Race matters because it is an imperfect proxy for racism and racial discrimination. Yes, I agree because I believe so! Race is a name that society has chosen to judge the individual.

People are judged based on there color . Making such a checklist seems a worthwhile activity, for it helps students think through the process of how towns turned into cities and civilizations and it reveals to students that studying history is an interpretative activity.

The world beneath the snow is unseen by most humans and it is in trouble. On average, snow covers 40 percent of the planet’s land surfaces during any time of the year. It turns out that this snow is very critical not only to the plants and animals that live in these northern regions, but also to.

The Continuing Importance of Black History Month Carter Woodson, father of Black History Month, in his private library.

Why studying history is crucial for the survival of our race

Woodson recognized that knowing and understanding our past was the foundation to our future.

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